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Security Solution

KG's Enterprise Security services protect an enterprise's information assets through comprehensive management of security components and mitigates adverse impact on confidentiality and availability.Understanding these challenges faced by organizations, KG offers comprehensive Security Services and implementation. KG Enterprise Security Solution practice extends to a wide technology and services spectrum. To mitigate the risks through a high level of security for information assets our comprehensive service offering, covering all aspects of an enterprise's security.

It delivers the following services.

  • Security Management Strategy Definition
  • Selection of the Right products
  • Implementation and Migration
  • Monitoring and Management.
  • Security Device Management covering day-to-day operations, administration and maintenance, signature updates, change management, incident monitoring and alerts.
  • Security Device Monitoring focuses on availability and performance of security devices, violation of threshold values, policy changes, etc.
  • Security Advisory entailing survey of customer infrastructure, collection of vulnerability and virus alerts from various sources and work-arounds based on asset base.
  • Security Event and Incident Monitoring (SEIM) based on Log Monitoring and correlation for detection and management of security events/incidents in near real time. This enables the organization to respond to security incidents with alacrity and reduce risk of exposure.
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