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1. KG ACE IP Surveillance camera with Inbuilt storage and battery backup: This camera is specifically targeted at Indian conditions, and tackles the unresolved problems of the Indian market in a unique manner. It implements an innovative local storage and battery backup in a manner which enables non-stop surveillance even when there is a power or network outage. In the event of power or network outage, the surveillance data is stored locally on the camera, and when power and network comes back, the local data is synchronized to the NVR.

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2. Video Analytics Algorithms:
Video analytics algorithms that could be embedded on the edge-side or used on the server-side. Currently the following algorithms have been developed:
  • Object Classification
  • Optical Flow Detection
  • Multi-line Tripwire detection
  • Loitering detection
  • Object removal detection
  • People detection
  • Face Detection
  • Face recognition
Some of these algorithms have also been tailored for different applications. For example a variation of Multi-line trip wire violation detection has been used for pilferage detection in a factory premise.
We have expertise in image processing and video analytics enables it to customize the analytics solution to a particular situation if needed.
In addition to these video analytics algorithms, Operational Analytics are being developed to handle fluctuations in power and network to make the surveillance system highly available and reliable.

3. Low Cost Mobile Surveillance System for Busses:Designed for moving vehicles, this ruggedised surveillance system consists of a mobile DVR capable of working under continuous shocks and vibrations, and weatherproof camera which can withstand outdoor conditions. The mobile DVR can not only take in video inputs but also mic input, and has general purpose inputs outputs to record other bus parameters. It can be used for in-vehicle surveillance, fleet monitoring, as well as a black box for critical vehicles.

4. Video Encoders and Analytics Servers: Video Encoders are devices which convert existing analog system into an IP system. Additionally they can interface to multiple other inputs like PIR sensors etc, and outputs like audio alarms etc. These servers come with various options interms of level of ruggedization, number of channels, kind of interfaces and optional embedded video analytics to enable edge-side analytics.
5. NVRs, Camera Management System, and Software Utilities: To enable an effective IP surveillance, state-of-the-art NVR (Network Video Recorder) software is available which can be run on a low cost PC. NVRs provide all the common NVR functions and also come with an SDK which enables adding additional utilities over the NVR. Effective solutions also exist for Surveillance control room which has to monitor hundreds of cameras.

6. IP Surveillance Cameras: IP surveillance cameras using most recent technologies are available offering various options:
  • Various sensor choices: numerous resolutions, dynamics range, form-factor, CMOS or CCD
  • Various housings for different use-cases: indoor, outdoor, box, bullet, cube, dome types, PTZ
  • Various optics options for different surveillance distances, lighting conditions, zoom etc
  • Various interfaces: audio, digital inputs/outputs, relay outputs
  • Intelligence options: on-camera motion detection etc

KG Hidden eye camera

The Hidden-Eye camera is a stand alone extremely low power battery operated camera with local storage and a motion sensor. The camera will be in ‘sleep mode’ most of the time, waking up only when some-one approaches close to it. Upon sensing a motion, the Hidden-Eye camera wakes up, takes a few still pictures of the person, and goes back to sleep again. Due to its low power consumption, the camera can run for 3 months without re-charging the bat tery. Since there is no wiring involved, it can be kept at any place without involving any time-consuming installation etc.
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