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KG Advantage

KG leverages its deep expertise and proven delivery methodologies to provide competent support. At KG experiencing service is what we call KG EDGE.

KG Edge Description Benefit
Domain Experience KG has a proven track record of experience with cross industry and multi location deployments in the all aspect of network management and system integration. Highly experienced and skilled personnel to deliver projects
Strong system integration, network management, telecom business domain experience
Reduced business risk due to use of specialize collaboration tools and proven project methodologies
Integrated Services Technology Infrastructure Services
Managed Services
Telecom Solutions
Value Added Distribution
Beyond Implementation presence across various stages of the infrastructure lifecycle
Experience in all service verticals
Expertise in product strategy and architecture
Multiple domains, multiple customer segments
Cost reduction
Scalability and flexible staffing
Operational efficiencies
Ability to leverage specialized skills even across multiple technology domains
Innovation A blend of strategic leadership, business and technology vision applied to improve business alignment and growth; leveraging KG experience from the commercial and government, sectors across locations, in creating new solutions. Framework for growth
Secure development
Long term client relationships
Strong Industry Aggregator We can offer a full spectrum of services across all stages of the IT lifecycle through the strong alliances and partnerships we have nurtured over these years. Strategic sourcing through supplier extranet- partner with best in class international players in each domain
Nationwide deployment capability – fully operational offices supported by channel partners and representatives in smaller towns across the nation – enables multi-locational deployment even in remote technology dark areas
Full Spectrum – All encompassing solutions Multiple services, software, hardware, system integration etc.
Agility and scalability - Rapid changes to team size (up or down)
Global delivery capabilities
Resources and Infrastructure We have been able to build a pool of the right resources and technical minds to provide clients varied expertise and skill sets. This is coupled with the state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities to eliminate resource crunches and infrastructure limitations that could hamper productivity. In-house data centre offering the latest that technology brings
Nationwide deployment capability – Fully operational offices supported by channel partners and representatives in smaller towns across the nation – enables multi-locational deployment even in remote technology dark areas
Quality Assurance Our approach is quality centric for all activities, with procedures and processes documented to maintain a consistent quality level. Audit trails are fully identifiable so that results and their underlying assumptions can be verified. Consistent Quality
Identifiable and verifiable audit trails available in case of exigencies
KG Team and Values

A strong HR and organizational culture has ensured that not only the best minds work at KG but we also nurture happy souls.

We are an organization that values commitment, excellence, independence, teamwork and employee leadership and initiative. We have consistently proved that our values translate into tangible results.
Innovative skilled manpower
A motivated workforce
Values translate into tangible results for internal and external clients

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