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KG brings in partnerships with best OEMs in the industry and has gained expertise of deploying the GPON network in various scenarios for various domains.

A GPON consists of an optical line terminal (OLT) at a central point which interfaces to the central servers/control equipment and a number of Optical Network Terminals (ONTs) at the end point to deliver services to the end users. End points may be guest rooms, individual apartments or properties, presentation suites, conferencing suites, network switch rooms etc.

A GPON configuration drastically reduces the amount of fiber and removes the need to install multiple copper cables to each user outlet by multiplexing all the technical services required by end users over a single fiber cable network.

Downstream and upstream signals are broadcast to Optical Network Terminals sharing a single fibre. Encryption can be used to provide security and prevent eavesdropping.

GPON solutions can deliver very fast broadband speeds to the end-user allowing the network operator to offer advanced triple play services to end users, utilizing a single fibre connection to the network terminal, these include:
  • High Speed Internet
  • VoIP Telephony
  • Traditional Analogue Telephony
  • Standard or High Definition IPTV
  • Terrestrial/Cable/Satellite Television
  • Video on Demand
  • Security Systems Interconnection
  • Fire Detection Systems
  • Door Access Systems
  • Automated Billing Minibar Systems
  • EPOS Terminals
  • CCTV Monitoring
  • Wi-Fi Access
  • Digital Signage
  • PMS Integration

GPON benefits include:

  • Environmentally friendly, uses considerably less power than equivalent copper cable systems. Saves precious copper resource.
  • Fully integrated triple play solution to deliver HD TV, Internet and phone services over the same platform.
  • Point-to-multipoint topology using passive splitter nodes.
  • Offer a real future-proof access network with flexibility and upgrade capability well into the future.
  • Passive optical splitters eliminate outside plant and field power requirements, resulting in much lower Capital Expenditure and Operating Expenditure than existing Networks as no power is required for the backbone network.
  • Supports features like legacy Cable TV, Analogue Voice, Fire Detection and Security, whilst offering outstanding Bandwidth efficiency and using Quality of Service (QoS), providing the network operator the ability to create profit-generating applications and customized service Offerings to the end users.
  • Easy management, easy accounting and easy upgrade with flexibility and scalability.
  • Managed by logical and easy GUI manager and SNMP.

The advantages of GPON to network operators can be summarized as follows.

Mass-market ready: GPON is a full IP-based technology capable of unbeatable long-reach coverage (up to 60 km). This provides connectivity under a wide range of deployment scenarios and geographic topologies.
Service flexibility: GPON is the fiber access technology best positioned to offer subscribers multiple service streams from multiple service providers because of its gigabit capacity at next-generation service-aware edge and aggregation nodes.
Highest density and availability: GPON offers key operational gains with higher fiber densities than have ever been possible before. Based on a typical scenario a GPON deployment requires far less rack space in server rooms and typically consumes in the region of 50 - 60% less power.
Lowest total cost of ownership: Less central office space, hardware, cabling, and power and efficient use of fiber optic cable all make the GPON a very attractive, inexpensive and feasible architecture for network operators. GPON also achieves far higher bandwidth speeds and efficiencies than other common network delivery systems, particularly when the opportunities for overlaying analogue services such as cable TV etc. are factored in.

Suitable applications:

  • Hotels and Resorts
  • High Density Office Buildings
  • High Rise Apartment Blocks
  • University & College Campuses
  • Theme Parks
  • Marinas
  • Cruise Ships
  • City Wide Networks

Typical Network Diagram

Download White Paper and GPON Network Diagram.
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